Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Minutiae

As previously mentioned, I have a coffee-date coming up on Sunday. This is my first real life meeting from an internet dating site and I am only minorly scared shitless, but I take that as normal for anything in the 'initial date' category.

I think my overall goal for this is to try and be relaxed and be myself. I have confidence that I can be charming and witty as long as I let myself (or as long as I let that part of me shine through). Most first/initial dates, I'm just so utterly scared and on edge that I tend to clam up or appear uninteresting. It's self-defeating, really... not that I've gone on so many first dates as to really figure them out.

One piece of advice I remember from a law school friend is to let the girl fall for me before revealing my deep, dark secret of collecting action figures. Which, by the way, if she's found this site and is reading this, is definitely one hobby I do not have. *ahem* I figure this is a very small point and, though it may further illustrate my particular form of insanity (or "charm" depending on context), it's unlikely to be a deal-breaker. Heck, if they're aware I'm a 'geek' from my various interests and such, it's not like that particular hobby (which isn't one of mine) should be a terrible shock.

There is, however, one little factoid that might be a deal-breaker, namely my current residence. I'm pretty sure I can provide a suitable explanation of why I am where I am, which is one reason I haven't--

Y'know, I think I answered my own question. I can't be afraid. I can't be afraid that my current residence is going to be a deal-breaker. I won't duck the question if asked and I am glad to explain. I honestly believe that it can be explained and -- (by the way, if the doctor is reading this, the secret is that I live at home, nothing too horrifying, really) – and that it shouldn't be a big problem. And I have to be confident about that, otherwise when it do explain it my explanation won't sound honest enough, even though it is.

I guess the only question then is when I should relate it if it doesn't come up naturally. I will be honest and part of me thinks that before the first date is over, I should explain it. I'm really not trying to hide it, I just know that it's a less preferable residence.

Hmm. I shall have to (briefly) ponder this more.

ADDENDUM: AAAAAHHHHH. I have a coffee-date on Sunday afternoon. AAAAAHHHHH. That is all. [8:36 AM]