Sunday, June 03, 2007

"I like the quiet."

Very quiet of late. Work, rest, work, rest, etc. Nothing interesting, really.

I've been playing Command & Conquer 3 (C&C3). Excellent real-time stategy (RTS) game.

On Friday, I had a new car stereo installed. I can now listen to my iPod in the car without screaming obscenities at a tape deck. This is a good thing. A very good thing.

Also on Friday, I picked up Heroes of Might & Magic V (HOMMV). Excellent turn-based strategy game. I think I like C&C3 better, or I'm at least more comfortable (and experienced) with the RTS style. Still, HOMMV is kind of neat. Don't know if I'll play it much beyond the initial push, though.

Started a book of Lovecraft short stories. Finished the first one tonight. Slow reading but incredibly good story-telling. I think I'm going to like this author, though the reading speed is a mark against him. I don't *need* a fast read, it's just easier. Then again, that a fast read also tends to imply reduced vocabulary and description so.. yeah.

I need to call up friends. I'm overdue for that, though I never fear I am too overdue since I would be wont to retort "why didn't you call me."

I need to pay my bills.

I have work tomorrow morning. Lately, I have not been going in on the weekend. I probably should, but I've been making my hours during the week and, though I have work that needs doing, I just don't feel like it.

I played tennis on Saturday morning. Outside. Good stuff.

The post title is from a Buffy episode, The Zeppo, one of my favorites. Xander is my favorite character, by far.

I have jury duty on Friday. I hope I get picked for a jury! (Seriously!) I want to serve on a jury - to see what it's like. Always have. Last time I was called for jury duty, it was the year before law school. No way I'd have been picked. Slightly better chance now since I'm not a lawyer (though I did go to law school). So we shall see.

That's all I've got. Cheers!