Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hello Again

I was going to write something here about this week & weekend but I'm too tired to make enough sense of what I write. However, and this is the odd (or odder) part - I'm not so tired that I not write a post entirely. And so you, my gracious reader, are treated to the half-awake meanderings that pass for muddling thinking in my head. And you are so treated, at least until I finish importing about half a dozen CDs into iTunes.

Well, you would have been so treated except my mind has since gone blank. Just utterly devoid of topic (other than the blankness itself being a topic). And so I must bid you adieu until such time as a coherent thought and post-writing happen to collide in a sense other than illusory or well-intentioned. And if that last bit didn't make much sense to you, please, do not despair. It didn't make much sense to me either.