Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tuesday Night Fever

No, I haven't seen the movie to which I refer. (Not yet that is.)

I'm sitting in Fed. Tax for the first time in 3 weeks. (i.e. I "missed" the previous 2 classes of this subject.) As such, and owing to the self-evident internet connection, you can expect at least one substantive post in follow up to this one. I'm going to try and write something substantive and moderately original. Maybe I'll follow up the follow up with a story but I'd like something moderately philisophical or such. Because I'm like that.

Other things "to eventually do" on the blog front:
  • Hitch Movie Review

  • Constantine Movie Review

  • Cursed Movie Review

  • Update links section based on 2005 posts.

  • Update Movie Reviews Master List based on same.

  • Update Top Ten Lists Master List based on same.

  • Update AtGS Master List based on same.

No expected completion date. I have a presentation to work on for next Tues. and papers I *really* should do something about. Let's just say it's starting to get ugly. Or already is ugly. Or is about to get uglier. Or is getting uglier as I type. Or... "Let me summarize the summary." It ain't lookin' good.

And a (philisophical) kewpie doll to the first one who comments with the correct movie reference for the quote. (Include character name too for an additional [philisophical] kewpie doll.)

ADDENDUM: My World of Warcraft Paladin hit level 60 (the highest/last level) last night, sometime in the wee hours of the a.m. He's at 281 Swordsmithing. Not sure what I'll do now. Maybe more raids, maybe work on my now-22 (23?) Warlock. Need to check what his /played time is. My Mana Mentalist in Dark Age of Camelot took ~24 days to hit level 50. Wonder what it took this guy. [6:54 P.M.]