Wednesday, March 23, 2005

In Which I Opine On Recent Searches Leading To This Blog

Apparently I'm in overdrive today. Multiple posts on a variety of topics. It's like Christmas or Channukah (aka Hanukah aka Hannukah aka that one with the candles and seven-or-is-it-eight days of presents) only without that nasty potential for home fires. (Rufus reference ahoy! I'm just too lazy to link it though. Or am I?)

More to the point of this post. It's nice to see that searches for uconn law and season of mists lead here. While the former causes my heart to beat faster and blood pressure to rise, the latter is rather hopeful, especially as the (only) preceding entry is for the Sandman Volume of the same name. (Woot for Neil Gaiman! Look for a link to his blog to the left. Okay, fine. Lazy bum. You the reader that is, not Gaiman the incredible.)

A little disheartening is that I'm way up there for ruthlessness and evil historical figures. Granted they're both from the same post but c'mon! I bet there are more ruthless things on the internet! And better sources of information on evil historical figures too! Although I wouldn't mind one day becoming a ruthless evil historical figure in and of my own right. That might be kinda cool. Or evil. "Evil as in the fruits of the devil." (Sounds better than it reads. Go see "So I Married An Axe Murderer." Now.)

I'm also down for sexy nightelf from that World of Warcraft personal way back whenever. (Still looking for "Ms. Pointy-ears," I mean "Ms. Right." Or is that Mrs. Right? Ack, now I'm confused.) And yes, my main character in the game is a world of warcraft sexy paladin. (Like you had to ask?)

Yeti boots are coming back in fashion. Talk to THL about where to get your pair of official antarctican yeti boots. I hear she has the inside line, not to mention a few pairs of her own. ("Hot pink is HAWT!")

Looking here for information on how to pronounce tisane is probably not a good idea. I could help you learn how to pronounce "beagle" or "alcoholic librarian" or maybe even "diet coke addict" but not "tisane."

Shockingly, I'm the only result for nerd foob jargon. I'm not sure what's more surprising -- that someone did a search for those terms, that the search has only one result (this blog), or that chimps are not monkeys. Eerie.

gadget Shrek a Bologna. 'Nuff said.

I don't know what's more amusing -- that I'm the number one result for vibrating underwear or that the link goes to the archive for my previous recent searches post. Of course I'm just compounding it now but damnit, I want that number one spot, 3 spots above Miko Exoticwear and 8 spots above Jason's Day Wearing a Vibrating Thong. Sounds about right.

I was looking for one last search to tie this whole thing up but where does one go from "vibrating underwear?" Honestly, I don't know. As for this blog, well, I think the answer is that one goes to a new post. [/End Transmission]