Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A Costco Tale

I try not to cross-cite other blogs' post. Why? Partially because it does not serve to introduce new material to the blogosphere (ugh, minus 10 points for use of that term) and partially, well, professional jealousy if you can call it 'professional.'

But every now and then, I come across a gem that deserves to be memorialized (read: linked) here in my home. As you may well suspect by now, I have come across one of these diamonds in the rough.

THL has a post entitled Costco, Pimp Sticks, Tempura Shrimp, and the Saggy Pantyhose of Delay detailing her recent Costco trip and the various obstacles she encountered that strove to keep her from the tempura shrimp samples of holy gluten-y goodness. THL also thoughtfully included one of her exquisite MS Paint pics.. ummm.. depicting the incident in question.

To further elaborate would only be doing her post disservice. Rather, I shall quote her parting shot as it sufficiently encapsulates the flavor:
If Costco had sold pimp sticks, that never would have happened. MeeMaw would have been on the ground nursing her broken kneecaps and HorridSoccerSon would be trying to remove a pimp stick from his ass.
Now I want a pimp stick! You know, for.. ummm.. errr... personal protection? Oh yeah, and style!