Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Misc Collection

The non-annotated ones courtesy of Boing Boing.

SciFi.com offers free Battlestar Galactica download - first episode, without commercials, uncut and with deleted scenes.

Sacrelicious Spiderman Bible stories - for my Superhero copyright paper (forthcoming).

Beatles/Batman mashup - "To the Taxman," a mashup that "combines the Batman theme, the Beatle's Taxman, the Safari's Wipeout, and Interpol's PDA."

Molecular Expressions - "featuring our acclaimed photo galleries that explore the fascinating world of optical microscopy. We are going where no microscope has gone before by offering one of the Web's largest collections of color photographs taken through an optical microscope (commonly referred to as "photo-micro-graphs")."

Zen of Design - Thottbot: Ambrosia for the Impatient - okay, it's a World of Warcraft thing but the discussion is good.

The Volokh Conspiracy: The Law Review Article Submission process.

The Volokh Conspiracy: Save Arrested Development!

The Volokh Conspiracy: Bobby Fischer Will Go To Iceland.

Notes from the (Legal) Underground: Was This Law-Student Weblogger Caught Stealing?