Tuesday, March 01, 2005

"Not everything calls for your patented method of shoot first, shoot later, shoot some more, then, once everyone's dead, ask some questions."

A [philisophical] kewpie doll for the movie & character name so referenced in the title.

[Senseless introductory paragraph about searching for a post topic hereby deleted.]

It's kind of scary to think that I graduate from law school in about 3 months and I have no clue what I'm doing next beyond taking the Bar (NY & CT if you're curious). I suppose my dream job would be to find some lawerly position with a comic book or action figure company. Next from that would be working for an Intellectual Property firm in Connecticut, New York or the Tri-State Area (NY, NJ, CT). Beyond that, I'm thinking any litigation department. And beyond that, any job that pays decently. And beyond that, a job period.

I'd prefer a job that pays fairly well. Not just so I can get a new computer and buy DVDs at whim again, though those are pretty strong motivations for me. No, I'd also like that so I can begin paying off my long-standing credit card bills and get my financial status in order. My mom's been helping me a lot while I've been in school but it would be nice outstanding to "finally" or at least more completely emancipate myself. Severing the financial tie would.. well, it would be.. good.

Of course, entering the work force for real as it were, i.e. knowing it to be a non-temporary entrance per se, is infinitely scary in and of its own right. To think that I now need to find a "real" job and earn money so I can go on and "live." A little imposing.

Add in some more long-term goals. Things like: "Gee, it's about time I got in shape and exercised." Or my personal favorite: "Yeah, I should really be a bit more proactive about finding a girl." I'm not too sure what the latter means other than getting out a bit more often or, perhaps, resorting to online personals and such. Basically, I need to go out on some dates. My total "date" count for law school (i.e. the past 3 years) is pretty low. Like a single digit. Like two dates total, one of which, granted, turned into a 5-week thing. Not to say there haven't been interests but I distinguish them from dates as the latter are a clear, irrevocable indication of a conscious desire to potentially move things forward. (Gotta love lawyer-speak sometimes.)

There are probably some more long-term things in my mind. Or some short-term things influenced or affected by long-term ones. Things like: "Am I going to keep my apt. for another year?" Or: "I really don't want to move owing to the substantial amount of crap I have crammed in my apt."

I suppose that's a lot of things to think about in excess of immediate & law school related concerns but it's no more or less than a lot fo other people. So, y'know, big whoop. It'll get sorted out eventually, if not by forward progress then by my own lackadaisical non-doing.

I suppose some of this post could be taken to infer that I'm scared shitless by some of this. And the funny thing is I am. Not outwardly. I'm my normal, usual self (inasmuch as I'm ever my normal, usual self) but a lot fo these issues have their claws sunk in my, ummm.. organs? Intestines? Cerebral cortex? Tough to pinpoint the exact locale. But I do know they weigh on me and I will have to address them.

But I will likely address them after I get some of my 4 papers sorted out. 'Cause those are requisites for my graduation. And I think I've pooched the deal (if that is the correct idiom) for one of them. ::Le sigh:: From the frying pan into the oven. Or vice versa.