Friday, March 21, 2008

This Week In Brief

Work this week: Monday, good. Tuesday, better. Wednesday, less good. Thursday, less good. Friday, very less good.

I suppose I could have written "worse" rather than "less good." Pfft.

So tonight is a coffee place meet with boardgame.girl, the idea being that we're meeting up to play a boardgame of choice (Race for the Galaxy!). At worst, we meet up and play the game. At best, we meet up and don't play the game.

Be thankful – I rewrote the previous sentence to eliminate unnecessary innuendo and prevent confusion. I had originally written: "At best, we meet up and play the game."

I have no idea how this is going to play out.

Incidentally, and somewhat amusingly, when e-mailing her I had to use my real, quasi-official Gmail address (the one on my resume). This is because the e-mail address I regularly use for communicating with friends is somewhat unique. I think all search results for it (at least for Google) lead to me. It's not that the search results are bad or such, but rather that they can lead to this blog, a dating website profile, message board posts, etc. ("Things I don't want her to be able to easily locate just yet.")

A few minutes ago, my boss came into my office inquiring about an action. Fortunately it's one that I've actually been diligent on. *Whew!* Another bullet dodged.

So my head is clearly random and unfocused today.

This weekend! Meeting up with law school friends Saturday for Holy Saturday party (an annual event for JB's parents/family). Yay! Haven't seen them in about 6 months. Sunday, may go up to Hartford to meet up with movie.girl. Need to call her again about rescheduling from Saturday. If it happens (likely?), we'll catch Spiderwick Chronicles on Imax.

Last night I met my mom's boyfriend. He... is a bit older than I anticipated. I mean, I know how old my mom is (and she's no [something that is very youthful]), but the guy has all gray hair and.. looks old. I didn't talk with him or any such. They got back home about the time I was going to go upstairs to bed (literally at that time – had I gone up 5 min. earlier...), so I said goodnight and went up. Felt a bit weird. Another reminder that I need to move out, perhaps?

I've been putting off the moving out bit until I settle down more with work. Clearly work is still a concern and hasn't improved as much as it needs to. I'm not in the fire (yet), but I may easily be there (again) in the very near future. I also have my appointment in early April, though it will be at least a few weeks before anything comes of it (if, indeed, anything does).

Wednesday night this week, instead of our VtR RPG session, we helped playtest a game expansion with the designers. Very fun! I hope I'll get a chance to play more of it.

Next week should be fun. ConnCon is Thursday-Sunday and I'll be there boardgaming at least on Friday-Sunday. The Wednesday RPG group may be the VtR campaign or more playtesting. Who knows? Those events do mean that I should be working my arse off on Monday & Tuesday. I'm planning on taking a semi-half day on Friday to go to the con. I believe boardgame.girl will be at the con at some point (though with her crazy schedule, who knows when).

I think that's everything. Hopefully this afternoon will be much more productive than this morning. Hopefully tonight will be fun and enlightening. If anything interesting happens this weekend, I'll likely post about it at some point. Cheers & Happy Easter!

BONUS ITEM: Just glanced at my work e-mail inbox. We (the associates) have a 30 min. meeting this afternoon with the junior partner to discuss our workload. We're to bring a list of what we have that's overdue. That is *so* not good for me.

ADDENDUM: Apologetically canceled the weekend plans with movie.girl. I really need to get some things done at work. She was weird on the phone - uncharacteristically quiet and short. Have to call her next week.

Was a chance of a last minute gaming session with others tonight. Not enough takers.

May try to grab a nap before tonight's main event. I know I'm going to be a bit tired, but naps rarely re-energize me. Ah well, worth a shot. Besides, we'll be at a coffee place. Wish me luck! [7:05 PM]