Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Random Thoughts

Played two boardgames tonight. Fun fun!

Had a semi-random thought on the way home. One problem I have with liking a girl (i.e., asking her out, etc.) is that I'm not entirely confident that I like her for being her versus liking the idea of liking her. It's a little confusing but bear with me.

I've been single for the vast majority of my life. Most of the time I wish I was dating someone/in a relationship. My last girlfriend (2nd year of law school), well, I wasn't actually attracted to her. (I found that out a little too late.) In addition, none of the girls I've dated have been lookers - I'm also generally attracted to a few/some non-lookers. So, in view of all that, I'm often not confident that my attraction is to the person vs. the idea of the person, the idea that it's someone I could potentially date.

I bet most people don't think like that.

So even before I ever ask the girl out, I'm doubting my motivation and rationale for wanting to do so. Yes, that's self-defeating. No, I don't know where I picked it up.

ANYWAYS, I think I'll try asking boardgame.girl out for coffee (or gaming) on Friday night (assuming I find the opportunity to do so in relative not-so-publicness). Why not, eh?