Sunday, March 23, 2008


Hung out with some law school friends at an annual Holy Saturday fest that a family has. I could explain that better but I won't. Had a great time. Always fun to see friends. Afterwards, went to Greenwich and hung out with some of them a bit more.

It's a little funny. I don't hang out with any of them on a regular basis - 2 couples because they live a distance from the area. 1 couple, well, there's no good reason since they only live about 25 min. away from me. Have to try and meet up with them in a week or two.

Side note - J recommended that I ask boardgame.girl out bowling rather than to dinner. Sounds like good advice to me. More casual, more relaxed, more in line with the boardgame playing to date. I think I'll take his advice and try it.

Most/all business are closed today. I'm at work right now, hoping to get 1 item done. At least I have some frozen meals here. No one else is here. I like coming in to work on Christian holidays.

It's a small pet peeve of mine that the U.S. celebrates some Christian holidays as national holidays, but no holidays of other religions or faiths. I realize some of that is because there are so many Christians that the business would effectively be closed anyways, but it just doesn't feel right to me, and certainly doesn't feel like a separation of church & state. (For a broad reading of the term, perhaps.)

In any case, I like coming into work on Dec. 24 or such. I feel empowered. Plus, I feel like it helps balance for the occasional day I take for a Jewish holiday. I don't take them often, and most of the time it's more like a Saturday/Sunday that I don't come into work for, but it's a working theory.

Well, time for me to eat or work or do something else.