Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Woots

I am in a good mood today!

Leaving work a little early for ConnCon. Teaching one game, playing others. Boardgame.girl will be there later on.

Got a decent night sleep and feel somewhat better for it. (Wednesday night was relatively late, on top of Thursday's non-earliness.)

Heck, I even said "Have a nice day." to the cute girl who works on my floor. (Occasionally see her around, never said anything to her. She looks Russian/Eastern European and has an accent.)

Nothing super-critical is due today at work (afaik).

I may have a slight overdose of caffeine right now (I get twitchy and my hands shake a bit), but I'm sure lunch will fix that (food or non-coffee drink usually does).

I'm really in a good mood. Let's see if it lasts.