Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Fun Weekend

Had a nice relaxing weekend this time.

Friday night, played boardgames at a friend's house. Finally got to try out Tannhauser, one of mine that I've been itching to play. Not a terribly late night, only 11:30pm or so.

Saturday, all-day boardgaming at University of New Haven. Played 7 games and had an awesome time! Also got to play another unplayed one of mine, Khronos. Also got to apologize for it due to the finickyness in the learning. All told, spent about 12 hours gaming. Good stuff.

Sunday, lazy day. Saw Jumper in the theater. (Ugh.) Otherwise, relaxed and started catching up on a few things (including this post).

On Saturday, saw the girl I mentioned in Monday's post. Will nickname her "boardgame.girl" for now (keeping in theme with movie.girl and gamer.girl - the actuary's fiancé). I.. Yeah, I sorta chickened out. Probably could have asked her if she wanted to get some coffee (or meet up to play a game or two) but I didn't.

I was thinking today, I have 2.5 reasons why I didn't. (1) I'm scared shitless. (2) I've only met her twice now (known her 1 week). (2.5) I don't want to drive her away from the boardgame group(s). Incidentally, that's also the order/priority for them.

And yet.. She laughed at all the stupid, little things I joked about and I mean all (at least a few times, she laughed and no one else did or we'd look at each other and just start laughing for a no good reason). I played 3 of my 7 games with her (or vice versa, whatever). She's a nice person and I have the distinct impression (notion? idea? guess?) that we have things in common, at least sense of humor and favorite games. *shrug* She's also into theatre (and I am, somewhat).

Anyways. She'll be at this upcoming Friday's boardgame group. Maybe I'll have the cojones to ask her out to coffee. Haha. Hah. Ha? Maybe? Man, I stink at this.


Anyways. Oh yeah, my mom is off having dinner with her.. ummm.. friend. I can't bring myself to say "boyfriend." *shudder* I haven't Googled him yet or done any research on him. I call that.. either imprudent or.. being good. I haven't decided yet. I did do "research" on boardgame.girl, btw. I also Googled myself to see if this blog came up. Thank goodness, no. Only certain searches will get here. There are some much more famous people out there with the same name as me. Yay. (One works or worked at NASA!)

Also btw, this past week wasn't so hot for work. I got my stuff done, but I didn't get enough billables in. Bad of me. I really need to fix that but my head is getting messed up again (and I can't cite a cause/source, just is). Need to try harder or some such. One month to head appointment.

Cheers & Happy Daylight Savings!