Monday, March 31, 2008

Long Weekend

Had a fun weekend chock full of board games.

[Incidentally, and ostensibly, as per the wonderful world of Google, the word(s) "board game" are not, in fact, usable as "boardgame," contrary to my usage to date. Mildly annoying since, in my exceedingly humble opinion, the word(s) "boardgame"/"board game" could be interpreted as a compound word or as an adjective and noun. I think I shall retain my usage in the face of... ummm... idiocy?]

Friday, I hit ConnCon and played until 1:30am. Taught Glory to Rome to one player that afternoon. I was back on Saturday at 11am and played 'til 1:30am, talking with the ConnectiCon guy until 2:30am. Back on Sunday at 10:30am, played until 7pm (with +1 hour break for the closing ceremony).

Afterwards on Sunday, I hung out with boardgame.girl at her apartment. We played 2 games and spent about an hour just talking. Made plans to meet up tonight and tomorrow night.

Before this weekend, my week looked fairly clear with only my weekly Wednesday RPG. Now, I'm seeing boardgame.girl on Monday and Tuesday and I was invited to a smaller Thursday boardgame group. Busy, busy, busy.

On top of that, I didn't feel too well this morning. Only 5.5-6 hours of sleep each night for the past 3 nights plus questionable and intermittent eating this weekend. I suspect I'll be fine once I have some real-ish food in me (i.e., after lunch, I hope). [After lunch, I do feel a bit better. Still tired and yawning, but better.]

I'm looking forward to tonight. We're planning on getting some food. Beyond that, could be more games, could be a movie, who knows! I'm getting a good vibe from her. It seems like we both like hanging out together – playing games and talking. She laughs at my jokes, I laugh at hers, etc.

My problem now, at this juncture, is what to do next. I hate all the metagaming and how slow these things go, but then I inevitably screw it up in some fashion, even if only by underestimating how fast I should go. Which invariably leads to me questioning my instincts and/or the questions themselves. The ensuing self-doubt and lack of confidence reinforces all of the previous. It's a vicious cycle that's taken years to perfect and, in fact, constitutes a metagame within the metagame.

Don't ask me to even attempt an explanation/translation of that last sentence.

So I suppose we'll see what happens. How I feel, how she acts, what we do, what transpires, the metagame within the metagame. I'm game.

Hmmm. I wonder if I'm misinterpreting her body language and nonverbal signals. Or perhaps I'm not. Is there a "good" way to decisively learn? I keep forgetting to try some mirroring, though I suspect I do some unconsciously, regardless. Man, I stink at this, largely due to inexperience, I think.

In any case, further updates as events warrant.