Saturday, March 15, 2008

Another Friday, Another Week

Another fun-filled Friday of boardgaming. Played lots of games. When boardgamer.girl showed up, I made sure to play games with her. Spent the rest of the nice playing Race, with her at first then with others too. In the end, I asked her if she wanted to meet up to play some games (Race) and we exchanged phone numbers. Her schedule is mildly insane (theatre) so it's unlikely we'll meet up before the 24th. I'm kinda hopeful. Wonder if I shouldn't ask her out-out after/when we do meet up. Hafta see. All the same, phone number is a good step.

For work, this week was.. not so good. Didn't accomplish nearly enough. Slipping again into a bad way. Need to dig myself out before I'm fired. I don't think I realize how good I have it.

Time for sleep. This weekend is hopefully laundry + clean playroom + see movie (Doomsday? The Bank Job?) + go into work (Sunday) and be productive. G'night all!