Thursday, March 20, 2008


So tonight I'm meeting up with boardgame.girl for some boardgaming. Rather spontaneous as I'd called her to see if we could meet up on Monday (which is negative due to a forgotten show/commitment for her). Not sure where we'll be meeting up, she has a show tonight but is done around 10pm. I doubt there are any good places to meet at that time of night. However, she offered her apartment/house if need be (she has a roommate). I'll be getting a call back after she asks a friend about local places.


Mind running in circles. Race, race, race. Run, run, run. What if, what if. Race, race, race. Stop. Pause. Breathe. Race, race, race.


Calm. Calm. Relax. CALM. Pause. Slow down. Calm.


Better. So, ummm... yeah. Okay then. First non-group meeting, admittedly for gaming. I suppose we shall see what we shall see.

ADDENDUM: Spoke with her around 5:45. We're meeting up tomorrow (Friday) instead of today. She had her days mixed up. (Friday is better for me.) That is all. (Except for the AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH.) Oh yeah, we're probably going to meet up at some quiet bar or other. Not sure if gaming is still the major goal in view of the venue. Will see when I get her e-mail tomorrow. (7:34 PM)