Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This Week in Miscellany VIII

This Week's Anthems: "Rain All Day" by Fleming & John; "My Lover's Box" by Garbage; "Forgotten" by Avril Lavigne

Miscellaneous Miscellany:


"If everybody liked us, we would be rich." -- Elvis Duran, The Z-100 Morning Zoo (1/30/07)

"Our love is like a honey-baked ham: pink, salty and unclean in the eyes of the lord." -- Diesel Sweeties Valentine e-Cards 2.0

"My goal is to replace my soul with coffee and become immortal." -- Dilbert (2/08/07)

"The trick to staying in a relationship is digging yourself into the shallowest graves possible." -- Diesel Sweeties (2/08/07)

"Overlords are not required to come up with business plans!" -- User Friendly (2/09/07)


Overheard 1:
Male flight attendant: Okay, folks, one last time -- please turn your cell phones off. If the person next to you is talking on their phone, smack 'em! That should teach them.

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