Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This Morning's E-Mails

Every day, as part of my morning work ritual, I check my four G-mail accounts. I actually have at least another 3-4 e-mail accounts but they are largely unused. This morning, I came across two "bombs" in my personal e-mail account.

1. Captain Kate, who was rather pregnant when last we spoke, had her baby! I think the baby was a bit premature (I remember April something as the due date) but both mother and daughter are healthy and well. Congratulations to Capt. Kate and SeƱor Pete!!!

2. My best friend from college (haven't seen him in 4-5 years or so) sent me an e-mail a month or two ago telling me that he's getting married later this year and inviting me to the wedding. Today, he asked me to be a groomsman! (To which I replied I would be honored.) His will be the second wedding I attend this year and also the second wedding in which I am a groomsman. Whoah.

I know there's a 3-time rule for women serving in the Bridal Party. Is there any such "rule" for men?

Quite a way to begin the day.