Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Elektra Not As Sharp As Her Sai

Elektra stars Jennifer Garner, Goran Visnjic, Kirsten Prout, and Will Yun Lee (yay!).

IMDB Plot Outline:
Jennifer Garner returns as ELEKTRA, a lethal synthesis of grace and power with the mystical power known as kimagure: a limited ability to see the future. She has purposefully severed all ties with the world and lives only for her next assignment. Elektra's latest job forces her to make a decision that can take her life in a whole new direction or destroy her.
This is an okay comic book movie. It's based on Elektra, a Marvel comics dark heroine with ties to Daredevil (as may be apparent from Garner's role in the Daredevil movie). Unlike Daredevil, Elektra has definite esoteric ties and themes. The attributes of herself and her enemies clearly evince this.

Good Things: Garner. (To quote Wolverine: 'Nough said.) ER's Dr. Kovac. Lee's villain. (Btw, nice to see him in a strong role. Another actor I'm glad to see getting more parts.) Decent story though relatively uncomplicated and straight forward.

Bad Things: Not all that engaging. Fight scenes concentrate on computer-generated aspects a bit much for my taste. (Similar complaint I had with The Hulk.) Story is relatively short, left me wanting more depth and more to it. Flat.

By no means a "bad" movie. Just not a very good one. I'm a fan of the comic book movies, especially Marvel's recent slate, but this one is only mediocre. Watch it if you like the genre, else it's only an okay action movie. (Though watching it for Garner is certainly and completely acceptable as well. Red leather anyone?)

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