Friday, February 04, 2005

Things Not To Do (To Me)

Picture this: I'm in my office, standing, with my coat on (it's a nice, royal blue Land's End jacket with fleece inside, a Channukah present from my mom a few years ago), about to leave. One of the paralegals walks in.
Her: Are you leaving?
Me: Yes.
Her: For the day?
Me: Yes.
Her: No you're not.
Me: Okay...
Apparently, said paralegal has some documents or other to be dropped off at the court house today. Also apparently, merely phrasing such a request in the form of a question (at least initially) is not as much fun as making it a directive. Of course me being the bitch idiot I am, I didn't say no. Hence, I sit here and wait for her to finish whatever scanning activity precedes the documents' delivery.

Nevermind that I was purposefully leaving early possibly to catch a movie this afternoon but primarily because I got ~4 hours of sleep last night (thank you WoW) and my brain is fried, like an egg on.. umm... what do you call those things? Oh yeah, the sidewalk. Well, maybe not the current snow-and-slush-covered sidewalks but summer ones. Hot ones. Ones an egg would fry on. Like my brain. Throw into the mix the facts that I've been guzzling coffee and Diet Coke all morning in an attempt to remain conscious and I skipped lunch so I could leave 30 min. earlier. Hence, my digestive system is not at its best. In fact, it's not very happy right now. And I'm hungry. And annoyed. I'm not very happy right now either.

*Rage.. building... becoming hard.. to focus...*

Oh wait, ignore that. It's just gas. ::yawn:: I need to find a corner to pass out in. And food to eat. But probably not in that order. ::yawn::