Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Recent Searches Leading Here

This was according to eXTReMe since SiteMeter wasn't cooperating at the time.

Quite a few anti-Valentine's day searches. Glad to see I'm not alone in my sentiments. (Even if none of my "regular" readers commented on that post. Ungrateful bastards. j/k)

One search for my Right to Privacy professor. This one scares me a little because I could see someone looking him up and getting to this site by his name. I suppose this is another warning in the "be aware that everything links together" category.

I'm number 50 for vibrating + underwear + movie. See, this is the kind of strange term linkage that results from having monthly archives. All three of those words were used in posts in September, hence the search result. (Honestly, I have no movies involving vibrating underwear. Non-vibrating underwear, perhaps. Vibrating non-underwear, perhaps. But not vibrating underwear.) And, of course, me repeating the search terms will only help me rise in the rankings for this search. Oh joy.

Lastly, someone who was obviously trying to find this site. Unfortunately, I wasn't patient enough to find my ranking in the results, especially since the site is past the first 7 pages. Strangely enough, even by adding "season" to that search, this site only shows up on page 7. Didn't think this site was that hard to find...

Fun with search engines! You too can play along in the comfort of your own home!

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