Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Not-so-quick Quick WoW Post

WoW being World of Warcraft.

My Paladin is up to 53 now. Haven't worked on his Blacksmithing at all lately. Last night he did Maraudon and a few nights earlier he did the Temple of Al'Katar/the Sunken City. Also, using the Thrash Blade reward from Maraudon, he's now switched to 1h sword/shield (from 2h sword, Truesilver Champion) in anticipation of today's Seal of the Crusader fix. In fact, the realm is down now while they patch it. I haven't decided what to do with my remaining talent points. Will probably respec sometime, not out of Blessing of Kings but to arrange the other expenditures.


I sent the below text to Terranova as a possible post.

On 1/28/05 on the Argent Dawn Server, a protest was staged in support of making changes to the Warrior Class. Warrior players were encouraged to create gnome warrior and assemble in Ironforge. Needless to say, Argent Dawn being a packed server at the best of times, the protest succeeded in not only drawing the attention of GM's but also crashed the server or continent or zone a few times. In the end, Argent Dawn was taken offline for some period of time. (I don't know how long since I just logged and went to go do other things instead of wait.)

The regular citizens of Argent Dawn, and I speak as one of them, are used to a lag-laden Ironforge and a lag-laden server in general. However, the Warrior protest was seen as highly intrusive since it helped bring down the server we normally play on. In our opinion, Argent Dawn was chosen *because* of its populated nature and tenuous uptime. Their goal was to bring the server down and garner attention, which they did.

Below I have included links to a few posts on the official forums. Word has it Blizzard had 2 days constructive notice (by forum posts) of the protest and did or said nothing in response, at least until the actual protest.


Announcement of protest.

One thread on the official forums in response to the protest.

A GM (Kalgan) response to the Warrior's plight.

The start of the previous thread.

Here's a link to some screenshots.

I saw the message by GM Xanan and I was in Stormwind. However, as soon as I saw the message I was booted. I heard from another guildmate that he saw the message and was booted while in Southshore, far from Ironforge.


The protest was really annoying. Also a little redundant since Blizzard has saif they're working on Warriors and Warlocks at the moment. ::shrug:: We'll have to see what happens.