Friday, February 04, 2005

A Game You Can Play

Yesterday, at the midway break in my Legal Regulation of Art and Public Culture class, another student and I were discussing how the professor likes to use the word "capacious." In fact, he uses the word very frequently. Another student suggested a drinking game based on the word, the idea promptly being modified to something more plausible. Such as coughing.

Thus it was born that whenever the professor said the word "capacious," the first student and I would not-so-subtly cough. The prof. managed to use the word 4 times in the latter half of class. He used the word twice within 30 sec. while answering this student's question, prompting me to cough twice while attempting to hide an unbidden smile. Next class we may either change the action or change the word. Partially to keep things interesting and partially because this prof. is actually observant and would likely catch on to what we are doing.

Somehow, though, I doubt this activity is going to make the cut for Law Students Gone Wild.