Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tinfoil Hats Ahoy!

A post over at Daily Kos raised a good point that I'd long since forgotten. It seems like the U.S. government never did get around to fully investigating those anthrax letters that came in the wake of 9-11. And it seems like there was some compelling evidence to either indicate a U.S. gov. or employee hand in it or to at least narrow the search down so as to actually get somewhere. Or to put it another way - it looks like there was better intelligence for ferreting out the anthrax culprits than for invading Iraq. (But then that would hardly be news.)

If you read the comments to the post, make sure your tinfoil hat is firmly in place. I'm not going to link to the sites linked in the comments though I will note that the microbiologist murders, in particular, make for some good paranoia.

By the by, it's kind of interesting to see the comments from presumably "regular readers" of Kos. I like reading DailyKos because I tend to share the same political alignment and opinions. However, I'm getting the sense that the site tends to foster darker components too, such as the tinfoil hat wearing crowd. I love a good conspiracy story but, well, I'm unwilling to commit myself to anything like that in the absence of at least some concrete evidence. (And I know that actual evidence is nigh impossible for a good conspiracy.) Maybe that's just the scientist in me. *shrug*