Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Oddity in a Dream

I had a dream last night. Here's a sketch of what I can recall.

Getting into a car or vehicle with 7 other people (or so). 2 couples so they got the backseat. I think my mom was driving. That left me, William Shatner and some woman/girl. Shatner got in the middle-front with the girl and I got in last but Shatner fell asleep so I got to talk with/hang out with the girl.

Something like my cousin had died but I could still communicate with her as she could write, in pencil, on paper. At first I was shocked but then it was almost normal. Her messages were "usual" ones to people she loved, her mother, her brother, etc. At one point I tried channeling her, writing on the paper myself with the pencil - except that didn't work. It only worked by her writing, herself, directly on the paper with the pencil. END DREAM.

Very weird. No real comments to make other than I suspect Shatner's presence is due to me watching a lot of Boston Legal this weekend and the previous one. (Denny Crane.) Even him in the dream seemed like he was Denny Crane, not Shatner. Still, very odd.

By the way, the internet connection for my computer at home is mildly and occasionally crippled, I suspect by spyware. I ran AdAware last night and got rid of some junk there. Spybot won't run until I update it, which I couldn't do with my crappy internet connection last night. And so today I seek spyware answers. *sigh* No Molten Core raid for me last night. Damnit.