Friday, August 25, 2006

My Other Self is an Ass-Kicking Female

I found this article over at TerraNova: My Other Self is an Ass-kicking Supermodel. The article is about gender and race choices when choosing/creating an avatar. The author states:
And how it disturbs us a bit that we care all that much, closet-inhabiting fashionistas though we might be.
But I’m gonna confess. I do care. An unattractive avatar is so disruptive to my gameplay that I will stop playing if I can’t do something about it...
But I have this problem. I can't make myself play male characters, especially if they are ugly.
So why do I exclusively play female characters? And why do they have to be attractive? It's really a question that perplexes me.
I posted a comment (amidst many others). In that comment I listed my past gender/racial choices for MMORPGs I've played. In a rather interesting trend, almost all of my main characters (5 out of 6, I think) have been humanoid females. I'm not entirely sure why, and I'm not going to resort to the usual "because I like looking at a female backside more," but I think a good start can be found in a comment of Richard Bartle's to the same thread – "Because I can."

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