Thursday, August 31, 2006

And So It Goes... Again...

I thought things were going better at work. They were. Hopefully they will be again.

Note quite sure what's wrong with me. Hopefully I can figure that out some day.

I think I had an epiphany this morning, as I drove to work from the doctor's office. I think I've had many, many epiphanies during my lifetime – I just haven't acted on any of them.

I'm tired but I shouldn't be. I've been getting decent amounts of sleep, 6+ hours a night – which should be enough. But I'm often tired and, at least I consider it to be, for no good reason.

Been playing WoW, of course. Got a loan from a guildmate so my Warlock is 2 dungeon trips from getting her level 60 mount. Hopefully I can get that finished by the end of the 3-day weekend. Then I can seriously start paying back my loan shark.

Also, last week my Warlock got her 7th piece of Nemesis (Tier 2), her robes. She's now only missing the Nemesis gloves. It would be excellent to hit 8/8 Nemesis – the 8/8 bonus is 20% less threat from Destruction spells (Shadowbolt, Immolate, Searing Pain, Rain of Fire, Hellfire). That would be insanely helpful. The robes were a good semi-milestone for her, though.

My Paladin is getting into MC a bit. He's at 6/8 Lawbringer (Tier 1). My goal with him is to get 8/8 Lawbringer. Not necessarily because it's the best for healing, but because it's as good a goal as any for him at this point. Besides, the 8/8 Lawbringer bonus is kind of nice – a chance to heal your party on a successful melee hit.

Info about The Burning Crusade (TBC, WoW Expansion due out later this year – hopefully) talent trees came out this week. I hope the Warlock ones stick and that the Fel Guard (new 41 pt. Demonology talent) rocks the house. He's got to be impressive to be worthy of a 41 pt. talent. Least I hope he is. I'm a big fan of Demonology (MD/Ruin right now, that is, 30 Demonology & 21 Destruction) and I plan on the same in the Expansion. Will probably end up with something like 7/41/13 or such. In any case, with the current talent trees and new spells, Warlocks are going to kick ass and take names in TBC. Bow down to your lords and masters. We control the horizontal and the vertical. We control all that you will see and hear. (Shamelessly taken/parodied from the Outer Limits intro.)

My WoW playing and Titan Quest (TQ) playing are inversely proportional. More WoW, less TQ. I like TQ a lot, though, and some day I will finish it. I'm currently approaching the end of Act 3 (out of 4 Acts) on normal difficulty. There are 2 more difficulty settings afterwards, each having higher-level enemies. It's interesting, I think. The way the game is designed, I'm not sure how spell-based classes can scale with harder difficulties. My char is a pure-melee type – I took the offensive and defensive melee trees. My guy can easily scale by using better weapons and armor to increase damage and defense. How can spell casters scale if their spells are limited to 10 ranks (for example) without additional ones for higher difficulties? Then again, I probably won't get a spell caster to the additional difficulty settings to try it. We'll see.

I've got a nice 3-day weekend coming up. Chances are mom will try to get me to clean things up in the playroom. Chances are I will do *some* cleaning just to appease and/or mollify her. I'll likely do quite a bit of WoW-playing. Working on slowly levelling up a Warrior, trying to use the rested exp bonus as much as possible. I'll probably slowly level a Dranei Shaman come TBC, haven't decided on a spec yet. Need to learn more about Shaman. Will probably be very slow levelling since I first have to hit 70 with my 'lock and then my Paladin, in that order. May even take a few days off in there to do so. Have to do it fast with my 'lock – she'll be wanting to continue raiding with my guild asap.

Onwards! In the immortal words of Illegal Danish: Arcanite Reaper, Hooooo!!!