Saturday, April 19, 2008

Week In Brief

This was a rather odd week for me. Very busy. Missed almost 2 days of work due to doctor appointments. Boardgame.girl on Monday. Birthday on Tuesday, complete with a flat tire, a new tire and a small spending spree at the mall. Stayed late on Wednesday (no RPG) before an impromptu gaming session in West Haven. Left early Thursday for doctor then gamed more that night. Full day Friday, gamed that night but longer.

A pretty good week for work - the first good week in a long time. Ever since that Choices post on Monday, I've been doing much better at work. Got a bunch of things out, got some filed, been doing my work. I also feel better about myself. Part of the reason the boardgame.girl non-happening doesn't bother me as much is because I feel better about myself from work. I'm not caught up, not even close, but it's looking much better and I feel incredibly better about it. We'll see what next week brings, but I'm hopeful.

Definitely enjoyed the 4 nights of gaming this week. Had a blast and played a number of new games. Fun, fun, fun!

Saw boardgame.girl tonight at the gaming. I was a little frosty towards her, but that was mostly internally. I usually find it much easier to just have a clean break when things go pear-shaped. Here, I know that's not worth it. Besides, she's into work-induced isolation starting Sunday, so I won't see her for a while. And even then, when I do it will be for boardgames. Time will help.

Next week should be more normal. No birthday, hopefully no flat tires (knock on wood). No gaming Monday, maybe on Tuesday, RPG on Wednesday, hopefully on Thursday, not on Friday, all-day on Saturday, maybe movie.girl on Sunday?

So life goes on and I'm feeling better these days. For some reason, that concept of choices rings true with me and bolsters me. I often feel like I'm buffeted about by things beyond my control when, in fact, it's always been about the choices I make and those I do not. I feel empowered. We'll see how long this lasts, but it's doing me a lot of good right now.

Passover starts Saturday night. Going up to my grandparents, aunt, uncle for the first night's seder. Eh. I'm long overdue for a visit. It'll be nice to see them, I suppose.

I actually enjoy Passover. Maybe it's my masochistic side poking through, but I enjoy it. More on that later, perhaps.

Now, time for a few (3?) hours sleep before an early morning wake up for a 3-4 hour drive/nap. Slumber well!