Monday, April 07, 2008

I need to be better at this.

Texts with boardgame.girl:
Me: I didn't have any specific plans for Tues. Easy ideas include food or gaming or a dvd (if your place is ok for that) or some combination thereof. Thoughts?

Her: Some combination thereof? Food then gaming and/or DVD at my place? I definitely need some race.

Me: Sounds good to me! Far be it for me to say no to Race.
And yet another reason I like this girl.

I'm looking at the previous sentence and trying to figure out why it makes sense to me. I suggested three somewhat prosaic options, none of them terribly inspiring. Her response was along the lines of "works for me" with a "hey, let's play that game we both love and are addicted to."

Maybe that's it. I suggested three easy choices and they're fine with her. Plus, she's a gamer and wants to game. I may need to be better at this, where "this" means finding things for us to do, but then the easy things I suggest, the ones I'd like to do, are good ones for her too.