Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Continuing Saga

Meeting up with boardgame.girl around 7:30. Funny enough, by my current standards that's a relatively "late" time for meeting up... which is incredibly sad. I think the "plan" is as noted yesterday: food + games and/or DVD. I'm sort of hoping we end up watching a movie. We don't talk much while playing Race (concentrating on the game instead) and, though I know we also wouldn't talk much with a DVD, it would be... closer, I think. Closer wouldn't be bad.

A recent comment to this post suggested:
if you do tell her about the blog, i would erase any mention of her from the blog (at least the juicy stuff)
Anyone have further thoughts on this?

I didn't think I was relating anything particularly "juicy." Granted, laying out my view of things is problematic enough (especially given my penchant for idiocy), but I don't think anything I've written so far was out of line. Relatedly, I hate editing (i.e., abridging/censoring) things I've posted. I already have filters on what I write, and I share little enough as it is that excising portions seems unnecessary to me.

However, I've been known to be clueless with things like this, so I welcome your thoughts and opinions.

This morning, I was perusing referrals and noticed that someone got here from a Google search for: what to say to a girl on the phone before a blind date.

Mind you, I really don't have any advice for that. The link to this blog was from my blind date experience back in November '06.

Seemed like an interesting question, so I checked out the search results. The top result was for this page (Just Keep The Change). I poked a bit more about the site and found a host of interesting articles, including ones with dating advice for men. I found them to be rather helpful, particularly as I am admittedly a n00b when it comes to women and dating. I may yet try some of the suggestions tonight. (Seems worth a shot.)