Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Doctor - Date #2

I met up with The Doctor yesterday afternoon to see Sicko in Fairfield. Afterwards, we got dinner at an over-priced bistro in Fairfield. (She didn't want Mexican and my fallback Italian place was temporarily closed.) I dropped her off at her car at 9pm.

I made a solid effort to relax more and be "more of myself." For her part, The Doctor was much as before, which is to say reserved. We talked about some interesting things, but on the whole it was a rather boring time. The Doctor is nice enough but not very outgoing or talkative. We don't have much in common (at all). The conversation between us is somewhat dry.

I guess I'm glad I went on the second date. It ended somewhat early but I didn't want to extend it. I think I'll end things with The Doctor in the next day or two. I don't feel that there's anything there.