Sunday, July 22, 2007

Many Things Quickly

As quick as I can because I have a dog urine to clean and a floor to vacuum before I sleep. (I do this to myself, really.)

Friday night I went a-Pottering with movie.girl. We hit up Borders and Barnes & Noble before going to Stew Leonard's. An interim detour for a pint and darts (I kicked her ass) before we snagged book 7 at midnight. Was a good night, fun.

I completely wasted Saturday, or near enough at least.

Today I went to the christening of Captain Kate & SeƱor Pete's daughter. Food afterwards. Nice to see relatives of theirs who I rarely see.

I'm wasting time and money in Second Life. I find it fun. We'll see how long this lasts.

I feel a little guilty about not going into work this weekend. I'm taking Friday off for my mom's outpatient surgery and I have a shit-ton of work today. Literally, a metric shit-ton.

Finished reading Y: The Last Man through Vol. 9 (i.e., to current for the trades). Good stuff. Wonder how many more volumes there will be. The story is running out of gas though it is still excellent.

I'm only up to Chapter 3 with book 7 of Harry Potter. I realize my lack of progress is sacrilegious but I figure I can do some good damage on Friday while I wait.

Must go. Not going to get enough sleep as it is. Gonna be a long four day-week.