Thursday, July 26, 2007

Weird Week

It's been a strange one.

My mom was originally scheduled to go in for surgery on Friday, but they moved it up to Wednesday. So yesterday my mom had a hysterectomy. Surgery went fine, the cyst or sample or whatnot was benign. (Yay!) Only issue was with her eye as they didn't tape it properly, leading to a post-surgical eye that was dry and painful. Not good. Fortunately this did not last long.

Unbeknownst to us, and unforewarned as we were, this procedure customarily includes a one-night stay in the hospital. Thus, my mom was discharged today. She's doing fine. Worn out, little pain, doing well.

What this meant for my week was no work on Wednesday or Thursday and a part-time day on Friday. What this also meant was 2 critical applications that have yet to be done and a one-month extension for an Office Action Response, due primarily to my reduced office-time this week.

So yeah, lots to do and.. why am I writing this post? At some point (soon) I'll get down to business.. just not yet.

Incidentally, the new Harry Potter books kicks ass. Great read. I'm on p. 500-something out of 800-something. It will be finished by the end of this weekend.

Also, I finished rereading Stardust in anticipation of the movie release on Aug. 10. I forgot how unsatisfying the end of the book is. I wonder how true the movie will remain.

I've been spending time (and money) in Second Life of late. (Not since midday Wednesday, but "of late.") I'm liking it. It's almost fun to go chill at a rave club. Weird.