Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Random Thoughts For Random Times

My best friend from college (my roommate for 2.5 years) is getting married. Congratulations!!! Although we've only met up a few times since college, he is definitely a good friend and someone on this planet who knows me better than most others. I will definitely have to visit him and his fiancée sometime in the next few months.

I have been very recalcitrant of late. What does that mean? Other than being perfectly descriptive, I have no clue either.

In an e-mail to a random stranger, I described a brief incident from the annals of my high school days. I'm not entirely sure why I chose to relate it. Sometimes I am apt to share rather personal things with complete strangers. Maybe such revelations serve as an interesting semi-summary of me whereas my close friends need no such telling incidents – they know who I am (sort of). Then again, much of this blog comprises sharing rather personal things with complete strangers, so there you go!

I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob.

Recently I've been working on my Favorite Artists page/links. It is growing beyond the 5 initial entries. Check it out if so inclined.

I am contemplating investigating purchasing comic book-related art. The only problem would be the concomitant increase in my dispensable income (i.e., the cost).

I want some chocolate.

Why is it that the majority of the profiles I read on eHarmony contain a few grammatical and/or spelling errors? Do people not proofread? Do people not care? Are the people I'm being matched with ones who are wont to not proofread or not care? Seriously, I have opted to not initiate contact with a few women because their profile has too many grammar/spelling errors in it (and that's while trying very hard to ignore the non-capitalization of "I").

A coworker and I (capitalized, hah!) were discussing the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame over lunch. At the end, I noted how we had approached it as patent attorneys/scientists – considering criteria, devising tests, examining example groups/performers against the criteria to see how it works, etc. One of his responses was that we were devising A Method for Induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Rather disheartening.

If I can correctly spell "disheartening" whereas some eHarmony people have trouble spelling "have," am I in trouble?

Ooh! I have had a chocolate truffle left over...

This could be why I've been quasi-addicted to chocolate milk in the past.

Mmmm... chocolate milk...

I <3 tangential tangents.

I have stacks of work to do. Stacks. It seems like work comes in waves. A period of catching up followed by a period of many deadlines. I've been stuck in the "many deadlines" one since the beginning of December. It won't go away until I catch up on the things put off then and now approaching overdue (i.e., maybe in February or March).

I wonder if they make a plush Bucky Katt (from Get Fuzzy, of course).

By the by, I have a Get Fuzzy daily calendar. My coworker friend has a daily Dilbert one. Thus, we can share between us and duly deprive the manufacturer, publisher, creator et al. from additional royalties. This must be a theft of some kind, or so, I am sure, the RIAA would likely have me believe. If it is of further consolation, I bought mine at half price. (Zing!)

And poof! There went the post!