Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I was

12 years ago, I was still heady from our marching band's unexpected win at championships.

11 years ago, I was contemplating colleges and the numerous visitations that would subsequently follow.

10 years ago, I was finishing high school, involved in a myriad of activities including jazz band, yearbook and the bicentennial team.

9 years ago, I was fondly recalling and anticipating the fantastic party atmosphere that, unknowingly, manages to evaporate between semesters.

8 years ago, I was hoping against hope that our plan had worked and the fraternity would have over twenty pledges for the following semester. (We had six.)

7 years ago, I was leaving on a jet plane for London to begin my six months of study abroad.

6 years ago, I was building a fire-fighting robot to compete in a competition and use as my Senior thesis/writing requirement.

5 years ago, I was attempting to remain sane while living at home and working.

4 years ago, I was dreading the upcoming resumption of law school Hell although I was also looking forward to seeing my friends again.

3 years ago, I was looking forward to seeing my friends again (I no longer feared law school).

2 years ago, I was wondering if I would get an offer from my part-time employer. (I did not.)

1 year ago, I was trying to learn what a patent agent does and improve on what I had already learned.

Currently, I am... (unsuccessfully) trying to focus.