Monday, February 18, 2008

Today's Installment

I'm at work today (even though it's a holiday). I figure it'll help with last week's infractions and with me taking this Friday off for Toronto. A few others are in today, including the partner I work with. My other, previously-unknown "really bad thing" came to light today. I got a comparatively smaller/shorter reaming out for it and my lack of hours. I pretty much hung my head and said "I know" once or twice. I also included an "I'm working on it," for whatever that's worth.

I think that's the last unknown "bad thing." As far as I know, everything else is just undone and not that "bad" per se. I still need to go through my inbox, though, so this is not a known fact yet.

In one way, it's a little funny. I had around 3 "bad things" all pending at one time (that would be about 2 weeks ago or so). They've only come out one at a time. If they'd all come out at once, I bet I would have been fired on the spot. As it is, I'll have to work hard to keep my job, but at least it's a possibility (or I think/hope it is).

I already got a few things out today. I'm working on a preliminary amendment and have been for a few hours now.

Besides starting work, another hard thing for me is to continue working. Right now, a part of me is whispering: "It's a holiday. Only half the office is in. Take off once you finish the preliminary amendment. You can do the other stuff tomorrow."

That's always been one of my problems – putting things off for tomorrow or the next day or the day after that. I always do it, even with paying my bills (which I'm also late on this month). I always try to be prompt if not early when meeting up with someone, but inevitably I'm late when it comes to almost anything else.

So today, as with most days, it's not just a battle to start the work, but also to keep doing it.

Hopefully I'll do okay today. I'm going to try not to leave early. I don't plan on catching a movie in the theater any more. I'm even hoping I'll go through my inbox and leave late. But will I actually follow through on that? I'll know in a couple hours.

ADDENDUM: Just sent out the preliminary amendment. Not going to do inbox today. Not leaving early, not staying late, not seeing a movie. Not quite a holding pattern but closer thereto than before. It's hard to stay when there's no one else here. Peace out. [5:11 PM]