Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Today was much better. Probably in league for best day in a long time. Billed nearly 10 hours. Got a few ugly-ish things done, reported 2 things. In good shape for tomorrow. Two board game orders I placed arrived. Small Amazon order should arrive tomorrow. Tomorrow we also leave for leg one of our weekend venture to Toronto. Must double check Bonine supplies. Also must pack tonight. Going to be a short but busy day tomorrow – must file one thing, make at least 4 phone calls to Examiners and review one draft thingy, not to mention doing more if I possible can. Busy, busy, busy.

Also heard back from doc today about bloodwork. My triglycerides are high. Going to retest in a week or two after fasting and see. Else diet and medication will follow. [Wikipedia break] "In the human body, high levels of triglycerides in the bloodstream have been linked to atherosclerosis, and, by extension, the risk of heart disease and stroke." However, triglyceride levels are temporarily elevated after eating, hence the fasting before next test. "Moderating the consumption of fats, alcohol and carbohydrates and aerobic exercise are essential to reducing triglyceride levels." I can hardly wait.

It's funny. When I get more work done I feel better, and when I feel better I get more work done. It's a vicious cycle that's taken years to perfect. (One of my favorite Calvin & Hobbes quotes.)

Anyways, time to fly. Might get a post tomorrow, might not due to the shortened work day. If not, next post probably on Sunday or Monday. Cheers!