Monday, February 25, 2008

Evil Deadin' It In Toronto

Obviously title-crafting is at an all-time low.

Thursday, we drove up to Toronto. More accurately, movie.girl drove while I napped. 4-4.5 hours sleep the previous night + hectic work day = tired.

Friday, we hit the CN Tower. Went to the top thingy. Ate in the spinning thingy. Saw the late-night show of Evil Dead: The Musical at the Diesel Playhouse. Excellent.

Saturday, we walked (for 1-1.5 hours) to Medieval Times. Yay green knight! Immediately thereafter, we got a cab to night 2 of Evil Dead. This time we had front row seats in the splatter zone (which means we got splattered with cherry-flavored stage blood during the second act). We also put on the Medieval Times crowns, waved the MT flags and went "Yay!" when Ash mentions "medieval times" at the end of the show (in S-Mart). The actors looked at us and paused. The audience cheered. "And I was worshiped as a god." (So sayeth Ash.) Very awesome. Afterwards, we drove (we = movie.girl driving) to Niagara Falls and crashed.

Restless night for me. Repeatedly waking up. Read my graphic novels from 5am-6:30am.

Sunday, breakfast/brunch/lunch at the most expensive Denny's imaginable. Went to Niagara Falls. Yay. Went to shoot ghosts with lasers. Odd bit about NF - there's a whole carny-esque street with rides, haunted houses, fudge and games. We went on 2 rides then left.

At which point we had an argument. I think she was out of line and she thinks I was out of line. I later apologized. She did not. In fact, she apologized for me being mistaken. Not much of an apology and she will not admit that she could have been wrong.

Yeah so that was that. I'm still pissed at her. Hello, compromise? Meet me half way? Acknowledge that there is an iota of merit to my position? But noooooo. It's her car and she is master of all concerning it and none shall brook her authority. Nevermind we're on a trip together? Nope. Her way or the highway. Her car, her way, her rules.

So fuck that. We're equally stubborn, obstinate people. I extended a laurel branch only she refused to meet me half way. According to her, she was right, I was wrong, and none shall argue otherwise. Period. Q.E.D. And according to me? I may have been wrong, but she may have been wrong too. And until she can admit that she may have been wrong, pfft.

We'll see how long this lasts. A bit childish to be sure, but I'm sticking to it anyways. I feel like it. If she can't budge an inch, then how can there ever be any negotiations or agreements? Friendship is always give and take.

So except for that bit on Sunday, was a very fun weekend. Evil Dead was excellent. Twice! Too bad the weekend ended on a sour note. As for now? I'm just going to wait. I've got enough to do without trying to placate her fragile car-ego. Besides, I'm sure we'll be fine again by October's Europe trip.