Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tuesday Night Report

On Tuesday night, no Hebrew class so I hung out with movie.girl. Dinner (at Tapas), a few Doctor Who episodes (now 4 left in Season 2), and a few episodes of Coupling.

As I was thereafter attempting to leave, movie.girl started in on this thing she (often) ends up doing to me late at night as I'm tempted/trying to leave - she starts hitting me with heavy questions. Oh she does it because she thinks she's teasing me, she said as much. What she has yet to realize is that at that time of night my brain is half-functional at best. My thinking is ugh and I'm crap for difficult questions.

What she does realize is that she asks me questions no guy-friend of mine would ever dream of.

Tuesday night: "Why haven't I met your mother?"

GOOD LORD! She's not a girlfriend, she's simply a woman-friend akin to a guy-friend. Why hasn't she met my mother???!?!?

I freaked. I panicked. Ask me that question at 9pm and I can be pithy, evasive and smart. Ask me that question at 11:30pm and I'm absolute shite. Why hasn't she met my mother? Son of a...

After some non-working evasive answers and sputtering, I finally went off for a few minutes of ranting. I don't think I was actually upset, I was more annoyed than anything. She's raised this topic in the past, and I'd hoped by now that she would get the implication that... well, that it wasn't a question I wanted to answer. So I finally told her answer after answer until she understood that said meeting would probably not be forthcoming any time soon.

I'd explain it here except it's a bit of a sore spot. Let's give the quick version that, in my opinion, in my life my mom has been generally disapproving of women I bring home. Plus, I'm not going out with movie.girl, she's just a friend. I don't think my mom would get that. Hell, I barely get it. Okay, I don't get it and sometimes I have to remind myself of it, but I'm pretty sure my mom would give a neutral tone throughout until some biting criticism afterwards.

That wasn't as short as I'd hoped.

Yeah, that's either a topic for therapy or a topic for a subsequent post some day.



Hebrew class this Tuesday with movie.girl.

Maybe more on her in another post some other time.


(Maybe not.)