Sunday, October 28, 2007

The JB-LT (LT-JB) Wedding

Friday afternoon, two very good friends of mine, LT & JB (or JB & LT), were married out on Long Island. T'was a fun affair. There were a few of us law students in attendance so I got to see some faces I hadn't seen since The Lawless One's wedding in August and other faces I hadn't seen in a very long time. In attendance were: The Lawless One and Jo (Aug. wedding this year); Mr. & Mrs. Philly (whose wedding I attended back during law school with my then ex-girlfriend); Greg-Man & Rochelle-Rochelle (both of whom I hadn't seen in over 1.5 years); and LF (whose boyfriend could not join her).

The wedding itself was nice, being in a church out on L.I. The service was slightly delayed (by 30 min.) as the bus from the hotel was late in arriving. (The bus driver got a little lost.) Reception at a reception hall thereafter. Food was excellent. Plenty to drink, with nice wines. I rather enjoyed the cabernet they were serving. The band was very good. The transitions from song to song were nigh seamless at times! "La la la.. wait, whuh? New song? When did that happen??!?" (Nigh seamless!)

A special nod goes out to Greg-Man. You dance divinely, sir. Divinely. (For those that weren't there, I'm sure there will be photos.)

A quick thank you goes out to LF. Though this was my fourth wedding this season, it was the first one at which I danced to a slow song.

And a hearty CONGRATULATIONS goes out to LT/JB!!! I wish you two the very best!

I will briefly note that this is at least the second law school wedding I've attended where I knew the groom and the bride before they knew each other. One previous was Capt. Kate and Sr. Pete. I'm not positive whether or not I knew both The Cara and The David before they met. Could be but maybe not, so I won't count that one (else it would be three).

On Saturday, I stopped off in Greenwich and hung out with The Lawless One & Jo. It's a shame they live so far away (up in MA, over 2 hours from Trumbull). I wish I could hang out with them more often. Same with Mr. & Mrs. Philly, whom I need to visit in Philly sometime. The irony, of course, is that LT-JB live only 15-20 min. from me and I've only met up with them once or twice in the past 2 years.

One last not-quite-on-topic. I finally sent out an e-mail to The List of law school peoples regarding a forthcoming gathering in December. If said gathering occurs, it will have been 20 months since the previous one. Better late than never?

Congrats again to JB/LT!