Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The cake is a lie.

I really didn't intend for the previous post to remain at the top for a week. It's just that first I couldn't think of a topic then I ran out of time. I'm still out of time now, but I want something else up.

Movie.girl is awol for a week and a half (where awol means she's in Israel with her mom). This means my week is much less complicated... though I'm taking Friday off for the LT-JB wedding (or the JB-LT wedding, depending which of them is currently reading this). Should be an excellent time. May actually get a chance to give The Lawless One that card I got him for his wedding back in August.

The subject of this post is from Portal. Excellent game. If you're a gamer, get this game and enjoy it. The cake is particularly tasty. Fresh and moist, one might say.

Saw Across the Universe with movie.girl last week sometime. Loved the music.

Must go sleep some soon. Take dog first. Happiness is a warm gun. So sayeth The Beatles and so it must be. Yeah, I get weirder as the night progresses. No news there.