Sunday, September 09, 2007

Weekend Report

Busy weekend (almost).

The Friday night Fairfield County Board Games meetup was a lot of fun! I'll definitely go to one of those again though unfortunately I cannot attend the next one.

Saturday was hanging out with movie.girl and watching copious amounts of Doctor Who. We finished Season 1 (Christopher Eccelston) and saw the first episode of Season 2 (David Tennant), measured from the new series. Good stuff and very enjoyable. Always fun hanging out with her.

Was going to try and get into work this morning. Didn't quite happen and, now that I'm at work and past the useless phase, I'm kind of tired and really don't want to be here right now. May poke at some things then flee.

I was supposed to meet up with The Lawyer tonight for movie (Balls of Fury) & dinner, however she called me on my cell 30-60 min. ago and canceled. She's helping her friend move and it's taking longer than anticipated, due to a leaky toilet bowl from an upstairs neighbor in the new flat, said leaky toilet bowl reducing their move-in time yesterday.

I'm not sure how I feel about her canceling again. On the phone I said it was alright and I understand, but this is something like the second or third time she's canceled something on me.

I really strive to be punctual. If I say I'm going to meet someone somewhere at sometime, I do everything I can to be there on time (or early) or substantially close thereto (no more than 5 min. late). Exclusions include parties and soft invites (e.g., "come over when you're done with x"). If I'm running really late or something, I feel very bad about it. Also, I don't break plans. If I commit to something, I will be there no matter what (barring emergencies but very little else).

This is getting kind of annoying.

Two more thoughts. One, my schedule is such that I have no time to schedule a replacement dinner/movie thing in the next week, and all my September weekends are gone. Two, once again I am going to wait for her to send me an e-mail. If it were me and I had broken a planned rendezvous, I would call or send an e-mail (preferably call) within the next day or two, tops. Took her 3-4 days last time to send me an e-mail. *shrug*

What can I say, occasionally I'm a bit vindictive.

In the meantime, today, I'll either go see Shoot 'Em Up (though I'm currently a little tired and should get something done at work) or just go home and watch the U.S. Open finals (Federer and Djokovic), which promise to not be very exciting. (I predict Federer in straight sets.)

As Vonnegut wrote/said: So it goes.