Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!


/me brandishes cutlass in an almost-threatening manner

Incidentally, I wish I had a macaw sitting on my shoulder right now.

Some pirates prefer to be called Buccaneer-Americans.

In other news, the Rosh Hashanah visit with aunt, uncle, grandparents and cousins went well enough.

In other other news, my (first) cousin is pregnant! Yay for her!!!

In other other other news, movie.girl and I are heading up to Montreal this weekend. Just a quick jaunt to Canada for fun and profit (or at least fun). I haven't been to Canada before.

Tuesday-night Hebrew class with movie.girl goes swimmingly. Thus far, we precede or follow the class with Doctor Who. We also follow it with a beer. The big downside is that Tuesday nights are rotten for hanging out. I got home at 1:20am last night. 6 hours of sleep = getting in to work late, fewer billables and less done for the day. Ugh.

Also working on a trip to England next Fall with movie.girl to see David Tennant in Hamlet in Stratford Upon Avon (among additional traveling, to be sure). I am now a Full Member (Overseas) of the RSC. Tomorrow I buy tickets. The following day, I take over the world. Note to self: Must buy milk.