Thursday, September 06, 2007

"Hello, I love you, Won't you tell me your name?"

"Hello, I love you, Let me jump in your game."

A lot has happened since previous posts. Here's the Cliff's Notes version:

August 11: Friend of the family's wedding. Attended by myself. Sat with friends of my mom's. Very nice wedding though I didn't have a particularly good time. No one there I knew other than the bride, her parents and her sister.

August 25: Wedding of The Lawless One & co. *Very* nice wedding. I was a groomsman. Except for Saturday being a bit too hot, wonderful event. I had a great time, thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thereafter I pledged to drink a bit less at the next two weddings. Increased alcohol consumption does not equate to more fun at wedding.

I've been hanging out with movie.girl on more-or-less of a weekly basis. We're currently half way through Season 1 (Christopher Eccelson) of the new Doctor Who's. (A repeat viewing for her though she is a David Tennant and, thus, Doctor Who fanatic.)

I finally had a third meet-up with The Lawyer last night (I'm too lazy to link to the old posts on her). We had dinner and saw Hair Spray. I really should be dating this woman. We make each other laugh. We have a great time together. It's only been two dates and one not-date, but, well.. we understand each other (I think). *shrug* Time will tell, as it always does.

Tomorrow night I'm going to a gamer meet-up in Norwalk. Co-worker of mine clued me in. He's been to a couple of these before. Should be fun.

Saturday I'm meeting up with movie.girl. We will finish Season 1 of said Doctor Who. We have 3 seasons in total to watch, all of the new Doctor Who's. Eventually, I am sure we will get to the old Doctor Who's (and I will buy some).

Sunday I'm meeting up with The Lawyer to see Balls of Fury. Time TBD. Probably should send her an e-mail asap.

My car is currently in the shop. Whole host of ailments. The damage will likely be in excess of $3k, particularly if one includes the $20/day rental charge. The rental is a Chrysler 300. Nice enough car but a few intractable problems mean I would never buy one. Kicking around the idea of getting a Mustang come next Spring. We shall see.

Been playing too much Magic: The Gathering Online of late. This is bad since I then concomitantly spend more money on it. Uggh.

Also been working more hours. I'm already behind for the month.

Meeting up with the friend ex-coworker tomorrow for lunch.

Accidentally spammed my entire friend's list. If you got an invite from me for Well, if you didn't join yet, DON'T. And if you did, mea culpa! ¡Lo siento!

Big PTO patent rule procedural changes came down. Effective Nov. 1. Not good. Rather evil, really. Hoping preliminary injunctive in lawsuit upheld.

One other item for a quick follow up post and that's all for now!