Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Very quick recap.

Went to Montreal this weekend with movie.girl just for fun, no real plan per se. Though the trip was billed (by her) as a 5-5.5 hour trip, each way took 6-6.5 hours not including food time. Rather long trip for a weekend jaunt. I learned that I don't think I like movie.girl's driving "style." That is, I needed dramamine to survive the trips.

Got in late on Friday night, around midnight. Got a drink and snack. Though neither of us really slept in on Saturday, it was certainly a lazy day/slow start. Walked around the city. Coffee, etc. Went to a fantastic restaurant for dinner - Europea. I highly recommend the 7 or 9-course meal, whichever the big one is. Got a drink after that.

On Sunday, I got up around 11am-ish. Movie.girl slept in 'til 1:15pm-ish. Needless to say, after some food and shopping, we left around 6pm. Late, in my opinion. So we didn't hit Hartford until 1:20am and I didn't hit Trumbull until 2:05am. Ugh.

Montreal itself is an interesting city. It's quasi-European. French and English are spoken and the city has a distinctly foreign feel to it. I'd love to go back for more than 1 day. It's not a good weekend destination due to the travel time. 14 hours spent in a car and probably only around 15-16 hours spent in the city (though sleeping in doesn't help the matter). Fun trip and totally worth it because of movie.girl and seeing something new.