Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Long Weekend With Two Friends

So I visited my old college roommate this weekend. Turned out we hadn't seen each other for while - since August 2004 when he visited me in Hartford (and wrote a review for Collateral). He's getting married in September (!!!) and I am the Best Man (!).

This weekend I also met his fiancé. She's fantastic, truly. She is very nice and warm. Just an honestly good person who matches my roommate in so many ways. I think the two of them are great for each other and that they will be very happy together. I suspect I will reiterate this in some form or other during my Best Man speech (which, incidentally, I'm already pre-drafting in my head.. repeatedly).

I think the three of us had a good time this weekend, or at least I know I did. I've said it before and I'll say it again (because I like repeating myself and/or I'm too lazy to look up my previous recitation). In my ever-so-humble opinion, one sign of a true friend is one with whom you can flawlessly reconnect. Someone you haven't spoken with or met in quite a while, but when you do finally reconnect, it's like nothing has changed. You know each other and it's like nothing has changed. You have a great time, just like you did last time and the one before that. I think Matt is such a friend of mine.

I am terribly excited for his wedding this Fall and I am honored, truly honored, to serve as his Best Man. ..and he's going to get a kick ass Bachelor's Party. (I had to include that last part lest I be seen to shirk my responsibilities.) The real question is whether I should pretend to lose the rings when the minister asks for them or simply have a trained monkey swing in on a vine. Personally, I'm thinking monkey. Maybe I should ask the groom... *sly grin*