Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I had a dream last night.


Home/America – post-apocalyptic (feel if not in actuality). Economy had maybe not collapsed but certainly went downhill. I was out of a job or not working or market was so bad that I was unable to. Anyways, something with garbage – no collection or some such. Mom sent me overseas to Europe in the meantime.

Overseas now. Speaking English, didn't feel very foreign.

I went to a comic shop I knew over there – looked around. Expensive comic artist art (big though, like poster-sized or bigger) for sale, as well as comic books etc.

Then I snuck into somewhere where others were being held by a military group. Others were friends or from my same group or something. Recognized two of them who greeted me. Something about me being allowed to leave because I'm Jewish.

Went back to comic shop only it had closed (for good, not temporary). Odd shopping area/shopping structure(s) with a hotel nearby/above (up some stairs). Don't remember physical layout and connections very well – not clear. Same expensive art was for sale by someone else. Didn't lower prices though should have. I thought it was overpriced.

Also, somewhere in this mix (first? middle?), I went into a shopping building looking for a/the comic shop. Entered a small room (bigger than a broom closet but not much) that had some shelves with Legos. Looking at them. Gentleman and his son arrived after – "Wait for him to finish. Then we can go look." or close to that. Could buy them. Somewhat expensive/overpriced, especially in light of the post-apocalyptic nature/economic collapse (extreme recession?). Somewhat intricate designs, though. One with loud noises. Scary fun house theme to that one.


Generally a good feeling about the dream. Not negative, not overly positive. Felt like I was living a story. Elements of it probably could be a good story. Did not feel afraid at any point. Nor concerned. Didn't feel much of anything, really, not even when found my group who was being held. I think I felt happy to find my two friends, but didn't hate military group or have an otherwise strong reaction to the scene. In some ways, felt like a movie – but one with bright colors and sensations. Maybe that's just a description for life? *shrug*