Thursday, May 24, 2007


So the post title isn't very inventive. Bite me. Errr.. on second thought, please don't bite me.

I caught 28 Weeks Later last night with a coworker friend. My one word description: intense. 28 Weeks Later is a non-stop thrill ride and an EXCELLENT ZOMBIE MOVIE. I didn't catch many clichés though I did see plenty of blood and dismemberment. (Those zombies can never seem to get enough!) Thankfully, the storyline is a little bit different from its predecessor. Survival, as is the way with zombie movies (so not entirely cliché-free, I suppose), is the name of the game, though the protagonists are not only seeking to escape zombie attacks but also a semi-random death at the hands of the American military. (I guess that's new?)

As with 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later is set in England (London in this case) and filmed in a British style with British actors and actresses (who have British accents).

And that was where my time for writing this review ended. Go see this movie. It's an excellent zombie movie. (Although technically they're victims of a biological weapon and not zombies per se.) Regardless, it's good. A worthy sequel to one of the best.