Monday, September 25, 2006


Just last Wednesday or Thursday, I got a call from a good law school friend. You may remember her as Captain Kate of the 5th Armed Bucket Brigade. (Or not.) Regardless, we spoke for the first time this year.

Yes, that's right. A year. A very good friend from law school, the one I called when I needed a ride to the hospital at 12:30am for a later-presumed bacterial infection. (Or was it viral? Whichever one is less worse.)

What did she say?

She's pregnant. Due in April.

I was at her wedding. I think I met her before she met her now-husband. A friend of mine, a good friend, my first friend to become pregnant. My first close friend to have a child. Not a kid, not a runt, not a whelp. A child.


I'm honestly and truly happy for them. I just think I might be slightly less stunned than them. They live in Hartford. She works for a lawyer. He's currently clerking for the court while looking for something better. She's pregnant. My lord. My friend is pregnant.

Probably not my best, but I am so happy for them. Even as I wonder where the years went, how I got to where I am let alone them, how I've seen 27 years, how--

How they're about to start a family.

So have I fallen behind yet?

But more of that in another post. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to the wonderful mother and father-to-be! Hip hip hooray and the very best of wishes to them as they begin their family! May they find happiness, success and the wealth of a happy and healthy home! Cheers to them!