Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Not On The List

Okay, a slight deviation from my "posts from the list." (See a few posts below.) This is one that I've wanted to post for a little bit but intentionally (and unintentionally) delayed. I remembered it today when I found this post (the final Sept. 13 FAQ post) from somewhere.

A week or two ago, someone got to this blog by Googling my name and law school.

Definitely not good. I've never strived to make this blog truly anonymous and/or private but I'd certainly prefer that I not be readily linked to it. However, as it turns out, I am. *sigh*

So what does this mean? Absolutely nothing. I don't say anything here that I would be too ashamed to say in public. I don't comment on work. Heck, I never identified where I work (and I ask that should anyone know or learn, please do not do so yourself). For all intents and purposes, I'm trying to play by the rules. Because the internet is never truly anonymous and what you say and do on it can come around to bite you in the ass.

I will still attempt to not make it so easy to find this place. At some point I'm probably going to remove the references (by name) to my law school, especially since I graduated from it over one year ago. I may also remove other personal references in a vain attempt to further distance myself from discovery. Honestly, the personal references don't really add anything since the majority of my posts deal with what I'm doing or thinking, not with where I've been or what I've done (those two are whole other balls of wax by ten-foot poles, football fields, pigs flying and other trite clich├ęs). I suppose one of these days I might tell some stories from my past (Hello fraternity pledging! Hello study abroad & European rail trip! Hello favorite ice cream!) but even those don't necessitate details about specific locations or such.

I think all I'm trying to say here is what I've said elsewhere. I know this thing isn't private. I know I'm not truly anonymous. I know that people will find this if they diligently search for me. And I don't care. (But I'm not going to make it any easier than I have to for them.)

P.S. It's pretty much any vanilla ice cream that has a chocolate component with it. My aboslute favorite of those, so far, is Ben & Jerry's Half & Half. Vanilla, chocolate, fudge, brownie... /drool